Moving my blog site…

I am trying to decide which platform provides a better platform for blogging –word press or blogger?  Any advice you can offer would be great…


2 thoughts on “Moving my blog site…

  1. Definitely wordpress. I’ve done both – and you can do more things with WordPress. My thoughts:
    – Worpress has an easier subscription feed
    – (non-hosted) can be changed to for even more flexibility
    – WordPress allows you to have your own domain.
    – WordPress can stay separate from your other gmail stuff (not to confuse the personal with the professional).

    Just my take. What’s your teaching specialty?

  2. Well, I started blogging really through wordpress so I’m more comfortable using it. However, for school, I had to use blogger, and it wasn’t a big difference. The easier thing about blogger is that it’s linked to our school google account. So, it’s kind of nice to have blogger that connects easily to my e-mail and google web picasa. Did you decide on wordpress??

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