Nerdy Book Club

“A dense, layered, reverberant sound.”

That is how Wikipedia described Phil Spector’s “Wall of Sound” music production technique made famous (or infamous) in some Beatles* and Beach Boys recordings.

I like the way that rolls off the tongue—A dense, layered, reverberant sound. Better yet is the meaning behind it as I make that into a bookish idea. In my classroom, like you, I work to create:

A dense, layered, reverberant atmosphere of READING and BOOKS.

I know you have experienced the thrill of a student running up to you in the hallway and updating some bookish news:

“I finally finished Mockingjay!”

“I read for three hours last night!”

“I went to the library to get my own copy of The One and Only Ivan. I’m tired of waiting for it.”

“Did the second I.Q. book come back yet?”

“One more book to go in Cirque…

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